Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Padamu yg Allah tetapkan sebagai nahkodaku..
Ingatlah.. Aku adalah mahlukNya dari tulang rusuk yang paling bengkok..
Ada kalanya aku akan begitu membuatmu marah..
Maka, ketahuilah.. Saat itu Dia menghendaki kau menasihatiku dengan hikmah,
Sungguh hatiku tetaplah wanita yg lemah pada kelembutan..
Namun jangan kau coba meluruskanku, karena aku akan patah..
Tapi jangan pula membiarkanku begitu saja, karena akan selamanya aku salah..
Namun tatap mataku, tersenyumlah..
Tenangkan aku dgn genggaman tanganmu..
Dan nasihati aku dgn bijak dan hikmah..
Niscaya, kau akan menemukanku tersungkur menangis di pangkuanmu..
Maka ketika itu, kau kembali memiliki hatiku..

p/s: And no,we are not yet married..
      do pray for us :) ~

Friday, September 24, 2010


Sometimes i wounder,why am i going down the hill?and not stopping?..
Consciously saying to my self that im in day dream for diz 3whole years. But yet,im surprise that nothing have been done 2 awaken myself...*sigh**
Im doing less in every positive thingz..& y is that so?
Ya Allah,please show me ur im tired of diz darkness..

"Health, happiness and success depend upon the fighting spirit of each person. The big thing is not what happens to us in life - but what we do about what happens to us."  
by George Allen

Clock Tikz~

September 25,2010

A : Kite dah kenal 2 taun dh kn,rase macam jap je..
B : lbh 2 thn da
B : 2thn 29hari..
B : esk genap 2 thn 1bln..

~LVE YOU SAYANG..a.k.a Mr Gosh!~

September 25, 2010 :

A :  "No man istruly married until he understands every word his wife is NOT saying." Author Unknown
B : ‎"No man istruly married until he understands every word his wife is NOT saying."<-- im not ur husband yet..but i still noe wut u think eventhough u xckp pape..heeee..
A : r u sure?
B : very sure
B : i noe if u sedih or suke or papE

A : i like vanilla icr cream o choco more?
B : choco
B : u xsuke
B : u suke mkn choclate
B : tp u ske icerim vanilla
A : what type of chocolate?
A : u suke blackforest
B : yg xde kacang,PLAIN
A : hehe TEPAT
B : thanx
B : like i said
B : i noe u very well, heeeeeeeee
A : ok..u rsa..i ni seorang yg mcm mne?
A : i cantik or hot?
B : both!!!plus sweet,cute n extremely gorgeous
A : tomell.
B : hehe
B : u like dat answer??
A : honest ke jwpn tu?
B: straightly comes from my heart

~ Parable Of My Life~

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jangan Makan Udang.


1st time ak nak klua DATE ngn Mr Gosh..heheheh..i took a bus from Penang to Kl(tpi i went 2kl not just 2 c him,ak mmg slalu lepak shah alam with my gf)..n i arrived at noon if xsilap..xla tkot sgt naik bus..coz im used to it..slalu travel to kl by bus.dulu ak sekolah kt PWTC.(SESERI).
Back 2 d story eh..sampai2 je kt Pudu..ak g KFC..lepak situ,few minutez after that Mr Gosh pun sampai with his kancil.he took my luggage msuk dlm keta..well,he was not alone,die dtg with eriq n i duduk kt depan with him beside me driving..hehehe from his face aku nampak die excited gile..ehheheh...

so,d 1st place yg we'r heading is Queenspark!(hehehe sehari sebelum g kl,dh ckp kt die ak nk gi & he offered 2 jdi my tourist guide)...n biase lah kl..~jam..ble jam lambat lah sampai n ble lambat sampai,byk time lah ak leh borak ngn die..ehheheh..well 2 b honest,i love talking with him.sbb eventhu bru kenal die but ble ckp ngn die ak rse mcm dh knl lame gle ngn die..or is it just me??hehhe..

after stuck in d traffic kiteorng pun sampai lah kt destinasi dtuju which is Queen's Park(pic on d left,kiteorng parking betul2 opposite d starbuck)..trun2 je..broommmmm!!!!ujan pun trun jugak..nsib baik ade roof dekat2 situ..msuk2 je espirit,apelagih..rambang mata lah ak...semua kdai nak msuk..mule2 msuk Espirit,mng,ck,&etc..well,yg best pasal Mr.Gosh ni ak tgk,xde lak die membebel ckp lambat lah ape lah..sampai sekarang pun his like dat..n thats 1 of d reason ak syg die..hehhe(oppzz tercerita advance lak..heheh)..after penat ber'shopink2..ape lg,bernyanyi2 lah we decided 2 nyam2 dekat kdai mamak area2 situ.Mr Gosh: "across d road ja"..hah!!itu lah masalah nye..ak ni fobia sikit lintas jalan2 ni..ishh mcm mna nihh....time nak lintas tu ak dh cuak habis :( ..tulung2!!!! eh,tibe2 ak rse tangan ak ade orang pegang.tgk2 dh lintas jln dh (maybe die tgk lambat sgt ak nk lintas kot.hehe).mcm anak ayam pun ade thats d 1st time die pegang tangan ak..tpi lepas tu lepas la..heheheh...kiteorng pun duduk n ordarr lah..nyap3..

Kebetulan time ak g ni ade lak Malaysia International Fireworks Competition MIFC 2008.tpi on d 29th,dh Grand Finale malam tu Mr Gosh ajak lah g tgk fireworkz kt Putrajaya..ak pun ok lah ikot..mcm best kn.yelah slalu new year pun,fireworkz skit pertandingan,mesti lg banyakkn...hah,taw tak sampai je kt putrajaya,belom msuk parking lg dh jam...keta bersusun lah..isyyh tensen,out of everything there,i can only c carz oritee..haiyooo,manyakk stress oo..tapi nasib baik lah kete Mr Gosh kecik n die pun reti menyelit2..dpt lah parking..trun2 je dari kete,i was so amaze with all of d fireworkz..coz i ♥ colorful was stunning..can u imagine,with black background..everything seemz 2 b clear & yea my ♥ drop for a second..cantik sgt..i cant wish more for a perfect & romantic date..(tpi time ni ak ckp kt Mr Gosh ; " its not a date ok?"heheh)..c,u dont have 2 go sumwhere very exclusive 2 get a romantic mood..(im telling myself actually,heheh)...actually,i wanted to upload pic of me, Mr Gosh & d fireworks,but i cant locate all those photoz..must b in 1 of my as an alternative, i grab thiz picz from

shantekkk kannn..i so it..
tapi yang xbest nye.on that nyte cume ade d grand finale nye group je d fireworkz show was not that long..but captured my ♥ & Mr Gosh sempat snap few pic together but huh still cant locate those picz..sadizzz..but will try 2 find it later...
so after dh menjamah mata,we all pun head down 2 d car n nak g menjamah pelot lah pulak.....

fiung..fiungg...fiunggg....sampai lah kt kdai mamak PKS Maju kt we settled down n ordered lah....few minutez after dat,our fudd pun sampai..while we were chi chatting,Mr Gosh ckp,"jangan makan udang tu,awak xbawak ubat,nanti flu"..hukhukhuk my favorite fudd = seafood,but d irony is im allergic 2 it..kalau nak mkn jugak kne lah ak telan Zertac..sbb sinus ak teruk jugak..but nak wat cne,i love seafood..ak pun makan lah jugak & continued chit chatting..then dah lame ckp2 bru ak asal Mr Gosh ni diam je..riak muke pun lain..
ak tanye lah die," Kenape awak diam je??"
Mr Gosh, "Tak de pape."
Aku,"If xde pape,nape diam?"ak memang xleh orng jawap xde pape..lagi2 klau mmg sah2 nampak kt muke die ade ape2.. ..ak tanye benda yg same few times die jwp xde pape gk..isyhh ape lagi hot temped lah jdi nye..(dulu aku hot temped skit)..arggghhhh...sebab kan tensen,ak suruh Mr Gosh anta ak balik time tu jugak..yelah kalau stay lg lame,lagi gadoh wat ape..kiteorng ber4 pun naik keta lah nak anta ak balik,,dalam kite aku tanye lagi..hisshhhhh.....!!!!!die xnak jawap jugak,,boleh x??tensen ak lg berlipat2 lah..aku memang jenis xsuke curiosity yg just because of that,i was so pissed off..samapi je kat umah nina(my bff)..ak trun,say thanks n trus naik lif..(xnak tgk muke die lame2)....
dalam lif i was saying 2 myself, "was thiz 2 fast?"
"aku tunggu 1year untuk nak let a guy into my life again,and i turnz out 2 be crab shit"
"am i taking thiz 2 seriously?"ting!lif bukak..

ak pun ding dong bell umah nina,n she opened..
Nina & Me
Nina,"What happened Dear??"(maybe she can see it from my sour face)
Me,"huh!Nothing,"(nothing always means sumthing when i have that sour face on)...
after took my shower,ape lagi pillow talk lah with Nina..asked her,whether am i moving too fast?too
 sensitive?i dont know,u tell me?huuuu..(i asked her,coz she was there when i was in shit hole after Azam left me,it was pretty bad)...and so she advices me 2 calm down n just relax,get 2 know him slowly..take my time,dont rush into thingz..yea,maybe she's was all so was too quick that i got close with em'..
so,i took my cell phone n start to text Mr Gosh.. :

hi,it was nice getting to know u,going out with u.but after just now,i think we'r moving too fast.maybe we shud stop seeing each other for a while..thanks for everything...... ~to be continue~

~Not every fairy tales have a happy ending~

“Looking back, I have this to regret, that too often when I loved, I did not say so.”
David Grayson

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

D Way 2 Worry Less & Accomplish More..

  1.  Don't think of problems as difficulties. Think of them as opportunities for action. 
  2. After you've done your best to deal with a situation, avoid speculating about the outcome. Forget it and go onto the next thing.
  3. Keep busy. Keep the 24 hours of your day filled with these three ingredients: work, recreation, and sleep. Don't allow yourself time for abstract thinking.
  4. Don't concern yourself with things you can't do anything about. Armchair generals don't win battles, but they do have nervous breakdowns.
  5. For the time being anyway, eliminate daydreaming. Stop building air castles.
  6. Don't do something later if it can be done concurrently with an activity at present. Do it now, brother, do it now.
  7. Be organized in everything that you do.
  8. Get up as soon as you wake up. If you lie in bed, you may use up as much nervous energy living your day in advance as you would in actual accomplishment of the day's work.
  9. Try to arrange your schedule so that you will not have to hurry. Hurry, a blood brother to worry, helps shatter poise and self-confidence, and contributes to fear and anxiety.
  10. If a project seems too big, break it up into simple steps of action. Then negotiate those steps-link rungs in a at a time. And don't allow yourself to think about the difficulties of step number two until you've executed step number one.

Parable Of Life..

"Every LIFE is like a Book,
Make yours a Best Seller"

                        Author Unknown

Yelah,tak kan kanan kot..

 tadi qis msg,ajak teman die jumpe bf die n d fren(a guy)..ak dah la jarang kelua with guys diz pass 1 year...
ak mcm malas je..but coz i was bored..ok jelah..
while getting ready qis cakap kwn bf die tu single..n i was like..okeyyy~
sampai2 je kt pak guard..ade keta vios tunggu..qis said,thats d,we hop in at d back..
qis introduced me to her bf(eriq) and his fren(husin).husin was driving us..xprasan muke die pun.coz he didnt really nak dijadikan crite..while we wer in d car..qis ade crisis wif one of her gf..ape lg..berdebat2 lah dlm keta...
coz im from penang island=ak lah jdi pilot of the day(pilot yg xdrive..hehehhe)..ape direction je lah keja ak...while i was comforting qis..i said tu d driver = "okeh,turn left eh"..
did u guys know what he replied????...YELAH,TAK KAN KANAN KOT!!......
OMG!!!!i was like gonna smack his face...urggghhhhh!!!!
never have i met a guy who would say that to my face.... gerammmnyeeeee akuuuuuu!!!!!mmg la jalan tu one way..but i was dark n simpang ak pun bgtaw la jln...errggghhhhhh...geram siot...but i didnt say anything coz i didnt want to spoiled d nyte..dh la time introduced tdi pandang mcm xnk pandang...eeeeee......goshhh!!!!

luckly traffic was not that bad..fiungg..fiungg..fiungg...sampai lah kt Kapitan Gurney..

kiteorng duduk kt 4seated table...qis seatz sebelah hubby die,so i was beside d Mr.Gosh! Guy...i hated him at 1st..tpi it turns out to be..die xlah truk sgt..oklah..but more to quiet type,ingatkan laser type..hehhehehe...
then while we wer talking Mr Gosh! keluar kn benda yg ak,i told him " i dont like smokers"..hehehhe padan muke...
die pegang je cigarette tu kt jari die...
then tibe2 Qis cakap :"awat husin pgg ja rokok tu"..ak pun bru prasan dh lama dia keluakn ,tpi xlight2 pn...
Me :"maybe sbb i ckp i xsuka org smoke kot,so he just wanted 2 respect me"...
Qis: "qis pun penah ckp cm tu,tpi husin smoke ja depan qis"..(dah kantoi...hehehhe)...tpi mcm laser sgt knn...
disebabkan malu kot..hehhe Mr Gosh! pun bagun smoke somewhere the same time sampailah jugak our fudddd...nyummy..hehehehe..
mine was:Butter Chicken(boneless)sedapp ok..but my all time favorite is CHICKEN MILANI of chozzz...heheheheh ..MUST TRY!!tapi chic milani kt kapitan queensbay xsesedap yg kt gurney i hav to say..

so after dah nyap3....we all pun hop in again n drove to Batu Ferringgi...we stop by,n kua jln2 kt beach..hehehhe i just luff2 d beachh..qis went off to walk wif left me n Mr Gosh!..we pun jalan2 lah tepi pantai yg shantek itu....we stop by  at Bayview Beach Resort sbb penat berjalan...diz pic was taken waktu imaging waktu mlm was soooo lovely..ala2 romantik gituuu..hehehehhe...kiteorng duduk kt ala2 mcm bamboo hse yg dekat pic pool tu..

as usual..i was d one yg ckp xbrenti..hehehe...(mcm pemalu je mamat ni,tdi dlm keta bkn main lg,,huihhh)..after a while....i realize..ehhh,im having a real conversation wif a man ...i used to hate guys...tpi after talking to him i realized,he seemz 2 b different than yg lain..xcuba2 pgg tgn ak,xtry ambik kesempatan (walaupun xramai org),talk about decent thingz(walaupun xckp byk),look at me as a lady(not as a ho0ker) ...ehhh am i not hating guys anymore??.

well,d hate guys part, all started a year a go...
when azam (my ex bf )left me,for some reason which is still a mist..and so my world turns 360 all happen while i was in UITM shah alam..butttt,lucky for me i had frenz that really care & love me..SYAmin Abdul Majid,Ben,NIna(lina syamimi),aimi(yg knal kn i kt nadia effendy),& bdk2 clz..heee..funny la ble ingat was like d end of d world..padahal its just pieces of life..hurm thas y dlm ISLAM ckp kite xleh menyayangi manusia lebih dr Allah lah jdi nye..hehehhe...

so back to d story...while we wer chit chatting,tibe2 die ckp skit i insist him to go to d wash room kt dlm lobby..he went,but in few minutes he came back..dlm ati(aikk cepat nye..)..die ckp xjdi pegi..padahal dah half way jln...
then i asked: "y xnk g??"
He answered: "nanti tinggal u sorang2 bahaya"
Me : dlm hati(owhh so cweettt) all went back to d car...turun je from ferringgi,nampak i asked him to stop..pakse die g toilet..omg!!!die xnk jugak,boleh tak??hishhhh...rupe2 nye,die kna da towel bru leh do his dh xleh wat pape lah..ikot je die..hop in 2 d car..sbb dah lewat sesangat..we all head down back to USM,nk send d gurlz balik la...
sampai je kt hostel..i went down n said thanks + guddy byee....
tibe2 die wat sign :-c ,nak number hp...dlm hati(ishhyy nak bg ke tak ehh,dh la i never give my number 2 org yg bru knl,especially a guy..)...after thinkng..:"mintak kat Qis"..ak pun naik lif...
sampai2 je kt bilik...i rest my body on d felt different diz time,i said 2 my self..coz diz past 1 year,ade rmai guyyz(xlah rmai sgt few je..hehehh)yg try 2 approach,but i didnt fell anything..but diz one : is definitely something..
tibe2 call masuk..mcm dh agak je sape call...cpt betull...hehehehhehe...
sooo...that is how i met Mohd Husni Che called Mr Gosh a.k.a husin...

♥♥♥~D End Of A LOvely Evening~ ♥♥♥
♥♥♥~D OPening Of A New Chapter in My Parable Of  Life~ ♥♥♥

An Inspirational Thoughts..

You're alive. 
Do something. 
The directive in life, the moral imperative was so uncomplicated. 
It could be expressed in single words, not complete sentences. It sounded like this: Look. Listen. Choose. Act.
~Barbara Hall