Sunday, October 3, 2010


Time is what we want most,
But we use worst~

by Willaim Penn..

Therez too many thingz in my confuse..sometimez im flying,sometimez im drowning.
Yesterday,i was so in love.and today im confuse...
Yesterday i was so focus in life,n yet today wake up with nothing to begin..
im losing my track again~

Gosh~~ sigh*

it felt like,i should put an end to it,but to think i being plain selfish??or nutz?
y cant i put my head straight?just do what im suppose to do...
y is it so hard 2 ask?ok,i know im being stupid..but im so stress if NOTHING IS ENOUGH,Everything is NOT RIGHT.....

Angel : His not a superman u know...u cant expect everything from him & everything  to be perfect...
Demon : But is it wrong to just want more?to just want d best for my life?....
Angel : But u have 2 consider d gud side of him..his caring,Understanding,Know u well,his d only one who can     tolerate with ur ego, & etc..
Demon : Yeahhh..but isnt life more then that?how bout what u want?what u need?by d not that egoistic am i?
Angel : hah...should ask that to ur self..
Demon : if love is what it callz between me & him,then y do i feel like diz?y do i think we need a B**** **?
Angel : dont be silly fatin,come on!ur stronger thn diz...b focus...may be u just need a rest...or time..
Demon : yea...TIME~ that is what i need now.... no one else but just me...

SHIT!y do i always need to dream big....? sigh**