Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bib Necklace~

These pictures was taken on the day my bff 's(melly) farewell.She's leaving for good , back to Sarawak. :(. Im definitely gonna miss her so much. We had so much good n bad times together. 
So, for her farewell gift,i made her a turquoise bib necklace.(hopefully she likez it).n ofcoz i made 1 for me..hehehhe..a maroon n pink bib necklace.:)

Me and Sexy melly.:)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I see the stars sparkling so bright,
Within the moon kissed sky.
I hear the lark so sweetly sing,
Amidst the morning dawn.
I smell the flower full in bloom,
And see their royal pomp.

And yet some place so deep within,
I'm shrouded and I'm closed.
The brilliance there I can't see,
In mists of misery.
Enshrined inside, unable thus,
To touch the warmth without.

I gaze upon this passion spent,

And yet . . . Inside I die.

im not sure what to say or how 2 begin writting...i've tried, n i've tried hard to plz...but yet it hurtz...she can curse n yell..but does not feel ,evn a pinch of guilt..she can pretend,she can manipulate but yet no guilt inside,..
Ya Allah...plz show me ur way..protect me from hatreds...i've tried to forgive...but yet im in doubt...